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Everything Matters (Numbers 4)

Jennifer Chuang guest writer
According to the commandment of the Lord, through Moses they were listed, each one with his task of serving or carrying.  Thus, they were listed by him, as the Lord commanded Moses. (Numbers 4:49)

Comfortnotes readers I will like to introduce you to my friend Jennifer Chuang. As an analyste by profession and a new believer who is passionately growing in her relationship with Jesus, she brings a fresh, non cloudy perspective to this book of Numbers. I know you will enjoy her devotional today. Blessings

Have you ever, at the end of your day, wondered – does anyone care about what I do all day long?  Is what I’m doing making any impact in the world?  What is the point of it all?  If you’re like me, you are nodding your head vigorously in agreement.  Keep reading…

In this chapter, God is assigning all the duties of the Israelites by clan.  Specifically here He is speaking to the Levites, whom He has called to stay behind in order to guard the tabernacle and to minister to the people.  Some were appointed to guard the entrance, some guarded the sanctuary, others guarded the frames.  Some would help with the services.   They would have to remember intricate details of which cloth to cover which offering, where to put this plate, that bowl, etc.  After reading all the instructions, my head was spinning.  My immediate thought was, “Thank you Jesus that I don’t have to worry about all that!”  But then again… maybe I do.  I just thought about my church.  Every Sunday, probably 10,000 people come through the doors.  There is a crazy amount of organization and detail that goes into every service to make sure things run smoothly.

Some of us are appointed to greet people at the door, some direct parking, some prepare the coffee, some run the lighting, some take care of the kids.  Is this sounding a bit familiar?  For me, I’ve been appointed to teach the children.  When I serve each week, our “clan” leader sends out an e-mail with the lesson plan each week.  Each plan has specific instructions for each activity.  Then there are other guidelines we have to know, like how to check a child in, where to put their coats, how to take them to bathroom, when to take them to story time, how to clean and put away everything for the next service, what to do in an emergency, etc.  And each week we carry these tasks out; we do our part to keep the machine going.  These tasks may seem menial, but if we ignore any one of them, it could easily throw something off or put someone in danger.  The point of all this is that EVERYthing we do is important.  And that makes us as individuals important.  We do not labor in vain. 
Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain. (1 Corinthians 15:58)
We are more than just a number.  We matter.  I matter.  God is a great and almighty God who created the HEAVENS and the EARTH and he also has His hand in the smallest, most trivial aspects of our lives.   He has left no stone unturned.  He has not forgotten anything, or anyone.  He painstakingly lays out instructions for our lives, just as he did thousands of years ago for the Israelites. 
God – thank you for answering my prayers.  Thank you for filling the ache in my heart of wanting to matter.  As it turns out, I’ve mattered all along.  It reminds me of that song, “doesn’t matter if I’m hooking up mergers, cooking up burgers… I do everything I do to the glory of the One who made me…”  Thank you Lord, that you care about everything we do.  Even when we think no one else notices, YOU do.  What an awesome revelation. 

...Thank you Jen for such wonderful comfortnotes, we all matter, so be encouraged, motivated and challenged to be you and do you (2 Cor 3:18) to bring a smile to God's face, because it all matters in the eyes of God, He has a beautiful plan for you (Jer 29:11)...until next time as we continue to explore the book of Numbers...Read, Share and be comforted.

Jen leaves you with a song from Steven Curtis Chapman, Do Everything
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