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Thank you Carrie Cooper, producer of U2Have Hope ministries for having me on your Radio Show and allowing me to use my gifts for the equipping of the saints.

First Show on U2Have Hope, I share my testimony and why Jesus is important.

The second and third show we dive into Bible Study Methods

Part 1
How to study your bible for yourself by using the science of bible Study Methods
(Observation, Interpretation and Application)

Listen here to the archived broadcast on the website of U2Have Hope by Carrie Cooper
(aired on KDKR fm 91.3 on Saturday January 18th 2014)—My section is about 15 mins

Part 2
Applying what we learnt about studying the bible for yourself using John3

Listen here to the archived broadcast on the website of U2HaveHope by Carrie Cooper
(aired KDKR fm 91.3 on Saturday January 25th 2014)—My section is about15 mins

Checkout a video project we did with a group of friends. If you are a Church and need high quality Sermon videos & Slides, think about subscribing to Ignite Media.

Another Video that is a must see is this one called "Pray the devil back to hell". It shows how a group of women in Liberia led the peace movement to stopping the crazy Liberian war. They stood for peace and it worked. I think at least every African should watch this video. Caution it is very graphic, it should not be watched by kids under 15.

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