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"You are Holy"-Summary of Leviticus

The Holy of Holies

As we have journeyed through the book of Leviticus, we have experienced a book where God reveals Himself to be Holy and where He calls us to be Holy as well, beckoning us into this intimate relationship with Him. How does God make us Holy?

I think if we had to imagine that God was writing a love letter to us through the book of Leviticus, He might be saying thees words as written by *Larry Crabb in his book, "66 Love Letters",

The Law of God
"You must not try to fit Me into your plans. Your plans are too small. You must fit yourself into mine, I do have a plan, and it is a good one! I've written Leviticus to tell you one thing. The toughest part of My plan, the part that's costliest to Me, is to make you holy. You want me to solve your problem but you do not know what your worst problem is, the one responsible for all the others. You don't yet realize that distance from me is the most lethal problem you have. When you read Leviticus, notice that I never solve anyone's secondary problem,...because the issue was worship and intimacy with Me, not health, wealth or personal comfort. All twenty seven chapters in Leviticus are written to tell you that relationship with Me, is always the issue that trumps every other concern, and that relating to me will always be on My own terms....I have made a way for you to revolve your life around Me as your first thing...And that is what Leviticus is all about: the requirement that you be holy in order to be close to me".

You may want to ask God, but how are you you making me Holy, I do not see it clearly in Leviticus? He might continue to say,

"Every theme in Leviticus highlights My son (Jesus)... it is through Him that I make you Holy....The first theme-Offerings-covered in the first seven chapters is a picture of how Jesus is the only way to me. Think of the burnt offering as a picture of My loving Son giving Himself fully to Me on the cross. Let the grain offering remind you that Jesus was a perfect man, which is what I had in mind for every human being to be, who willingly and gladly offered Himself for imperfect people, in order to please me. And now because He offered Himself to me for you, we can get along. I am no longer mad at you for your sin, and you no longer hate Me. All of this is represented in the peace offering. The Sin offering tells you that My lovely Son became sin...And the trespass offering reflects the value of my Son's death every time you sin. Cling to Jesus as you face your sin, and we will stay in close touch with each other." 

Yes that is How God is making us Holy, by believing in Jesus Christ, we take up His righteousness and are sealed by the Spirit of God, who causes us to reflect more and more, day by day the image of His son, Jesus Christ (2 Cor 3:18, 5:17).

The High Priest
The next theme in Chapter 8-10 is about the priesthood. "Aaron, a picture of My Son as High priest, needed no cleansing before My Spirit anointed him, Jesus was sinless, no cleansing needed, just Spirit-annointing...I wrote about this too in Heb 2:11...Other themes include the need to be clean, the requirement that every offering be sacrificed at the altar, which symbolizes Calvary, only blood shed there by My Son (Jesus) has life giving power. ...Another theme is-guidance for living in the Promised Land (Canaan), which is a picture of My plan that you will live holy lives in an unholy world.

 If you stay focused on the core themes of Leviticus, that My plan is to make you holy, then you will see My Love-and My Son (Jesus)-all through the letter. My Spirit will help you see these things."

I know this is a lot to digest, especially because we are used to trying to fit God into our own plans and shy away from the sticky issues He tells us to stay away from. So that we can enjoy a life full of His fellowship, a life full of life, joy and peace. However it is my prayer that this first person imagined dialogue has caused you to see the beauty of what God has revealed in Leviticus and the hope you have in Jesus Christ, if you would believe. Now this is true comfort for the soul, with 63 more love letters to go as we continue this journey on Comfortnotes. Until next time...where we venture into the book of Numbers... Read, Share and be Comforted. Blessings beloved.

*All first person dialogue was taken from Larry Crabb's, 66 Love Letters, Pg (10-13).

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