Saturday, January 5, 2013

"You will not surely die" (Gen 3)

Ever since civilization existed people the world over have been looking for truth, some have looked to the heavens others have looked to earth, some say their ancestors have the truth while others have made up their own truth. whatever truth you have chosen to adopt there remains one common denominator which is consequence. The consequence of ones life is built on the truths we choose to adopt.

The Truth brings Life
In Gen 3 it is reported that Truth spoke again through the mouth of a uniquely created being Eve, she spoke with confidence, "God has said if you eat the fruit from the tree of Good and Evil, you die". That was the Truth, too bad there was another truth fighting for dominance. That voice that buffets the Truth and tries to push it over says, "You will not surely that will be like God knowing good and evil". It is hard to believe that the consequence of mankind from that moment on until eternity hung on the battle of theTruth. Who will you believe?

Maybe when I was five years old this question could have been very easy to answer, I would have believed those who had showed me love and had proven their love through their presence. However now being much older and wiser, the question who will you believe can seem like an almost impossible answer to give. What is Truth? Is Truth relative or absolute? How will I know when I have found it?

 Truth is like pure gold it can stand the test of time (Prov. 12:19), it is like a well polished mirror it brings reality into perfect focus (2 Cor 3:18), nothing can be hidden behind it's gaze (Heb. 4:12). As we journey in this New Year, seeking for more, seeking for better. the great fork in the road appears like it did in the garden of Eden, choose this day which truth you will adopt.

If you had to ask me right now which path I have decided to take, who I have decided to believe? In a strange way, although wiser I go back to the simple truth of a five year old. I believe the one who has showed me unconditional love and has proven their love by their beautiful presence in my life. Because of whom I believe I live and grant life to many, but be not deceived if you choose the less than perfect absolute Truth, "You will surely die".  Seek to know Him better in the person of Jesus Christ because in Him there is fullness of life (Ps 119:160), now this is true comfort for the soul.

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